Site Council


The purpose and function of a site council is to help improve the quality and effectiveness of education and support the school’s mission and vision through recommendations with various activities, which include professional development opportunities for staff, instructional programs, and compliance with Oregon School Improvement Act. To view the 2018-19 Bylaws click here.

Site council members are voted on by Crestview staff and parents. Parents are nominated by other parents or recommended by teachers prior to fall conferences.

Anyone is invited to attend a Site Council meeting. It is open to all parents and community members.

Site Council Member Expectations

Site Councils at the elementary level require…

  • members to be voted on.
  • members to include parents, teachers, classified staff, and administrators.
  • the number of teachers do not exceed half the number of parents.
  • at least two meetings a year.
  • provide support and recommendations to support school’s mission and vision.
  • Current Members

Past Agenda and Minutes


  • Please contact Libba Sager if you have any questions about the Site Council.