Principal’s Corner


Dear Families,

We have been so impressed with your efforts and willingness to jump in with your student for the start of this unprecedented year. Our teachers have been thoughtful and adaptive at Crestview Heights with a particular focus on our youngest students. Last week Dr. Gray announced to Lincoln County the plan to bring back in-person hybrid learning for our kindergarteners. If successful, it will trigger the possible additions of 1st through 3rd grades as we move through the fall. You might hear of other groups, such as Career Technical Education (CTE) that serve our older students or programs that support students with disabilities also coming on campus through the same time frame.

While this can be an exciting announcement, it can also create new and different concerns for parents. We realize your student will be the first to have this opportunity and that it comes with some uncertainty. We will continue to communicate as we receive information that might affect your student and their education. We know you may not be ready to have your child on campus and we have a solution to honor that choice as well. If you are in Edmentum and would like to change, we can explain how that can be accomplished.

When you registered in August, you were asked to determine which cohort (Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday) you preferred for your student.  We are in the process of arranging students by cohort and some of your preferred choices may need you to be flexible with your teacher assignment.  This is a multi-layer issue and the solutions to arrange a K-12 System is complex.  Your transportation needs may also require a teacher change based on the family cohort. We have worked hard to honor all requests but have a handful of conflicts that need resolved.  

We are excited to see your students every day whether online or in-person.  Mrs. Battles, our Assistant Principal, and I continue to zoom with classes, visit homes, and answer questions via zoom or phone.  We are always working to make our school environment as safe as possible and continue to spend hours to provide a safe, thoughtful, and welcoming environment for your students at school when they return. We look forward to sharing with you and your student our comprehensive plan to make this a great year for everyone as we move into Hybrid instruction in our younger grades

Please feel free to reach out but phone or email or by phone.



Mike Gass, Principal