School Building


Students love to be at school and are ready to give their best effort. They feel safe and supported socially, emotionally, and academically, willing to take risks to meet their full potential.

Mission Statement

The mission of Crestview Heights is to provide a safe place for students to learn, while preparing them for success in the future.

Toward this end we commit and focus available resources to ensure that…

  • CVH strives to be welcoming and respectful to all adults and children. We have procedures in place to keep everyone safe.
  • Students persevere to experience continuous academic and personal growth.
  • Staff are motivated and enthusiastic to work and learn together, support each other as a collaborative team, and experience continued professional growth.
  • Teachers strive to create learning experiences that are engaging, research-based, and differentiated to fit our students.
  • School-wide instructional frameworks are agreed upon and implemented to support excellent teaching and to maximize student learning.
  • Families are encouraged to participate in their child’s education.
  • Leadership empowers, encourages, and fosters positive changes moving our school vision forward.

Core Beliefs

  • At Crestview, students are not ‘your students’ or ‘my students,’ they are ALL our students.
  • Education is about more than teaching reading, writing, and math. It includes other things such as arts, social skills, and developing a student’s character.
  • All children have the ability to learn, but they do not all learn the same way
  • ‘Equity’ does not mean treating all children the same … It means giving each child what they need to be successful.
  • It is essential to preserve a child’s dignity, even when managing inappropriate behavior.
  • When it comes to working successfully with individual student needs, the most important and indispensable factor is having a team who has the “right stuff.”

Title I

Crestview Heights is a Title I school. Title I is a Federal program designed to help all students achieve high standards in literacy.

At Crestview Heights school, our Title 1 program provides:

  • Student assessment in literacy designed to identify areas of strengths, areas needing improvement, and ongoing assessment to monitor student progress.
  • Targeted instruction for students to provide extra literacy instruction beyond the core classroom reading program.